Ice Creamery

Frangipani Ice only make the highest quality ice cream products made from natural ingredients, with our local flavours added of course.

As a pioneering company of the south pacific, Frangipani Ice prides itself on producing pure, quality ice cream with something to entice every palate. Our key products include our special range of freshly made ice creams, sundaes, milk shakes, along with our signature hand-made waffle cones. Ice cream flavours are of the finest creation, ranging from the essential traditional flavours of chocolate, vanilla and banana, to flavours unique to Frangipani Ice with a pronounced Solomon Islands touch, such as Pawpaw and Ginger, Solomon Vanilla, Guava Young Coconut.

The most recent company endeavour undertaken was the all-natural pineapple juice made out of the well-known sweet pineapples from the local farmers from the island of Malaita.



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